Resources for Children with Lead Poisoning

CDC Guidelines for Testing for Lead in Children
Methods for Testing Blood Lead Levels in Children
Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists Definition
How to Respond
Educational Materials

Referral Sources for Parents

Services are available for families of children with elevated blood lead levels to evaluate and place them into programs appropriate to their level of ability. The Southern Nevada Health District provides a full lead investigation of a child’s home environment when a venous blood lead test result is 5 μg/dL or greater.

Nevada Early Intervention Services (NEIS) provides an evaluation of children’s development and services to children 3 years old and younger at no cost.
Clark County 702-486-7670
Washoe County 775-688-1341
Carson City 775-687-0101
Statewide 1-800-522-0066

Child Find Department offers services for children age 4 and older through the family’s local school district at no cost.
Clark County702-799-7463
Washoe County 775-327-0685
In the state of Nevada lead exposure is a reportable condition by law. Per NRS 441A, reports of specified diseases, outbreaks, and extraordinary occurrences of illness MUST be made to the local health authority. This law requires physicians, registered nurses, and directors of medical facilities report lead exposure and elevated blood lead levels as events of concern. Failure to report is a misdemeanor and subject to an administrative fine of $1,000 for each violation.

Las Vegas Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes Program is a program offered by the City of Las Vegas and the University of Nevada Las Vegas that will conduct an environmental assessment testing your pre-1978 home for lead in surfaces and components and, if lead is found, will conduct a more in-depth healthy homes assessment of the dwelling. The program will then make repairs to the home to make it healthier and safer at no cost to the home’s owner or occupants. The program also offers free blood lead testing to children under 6. To qualify, the home must have been built before 1978 and there must be a child aged 5 or younger living in or frequently visiting the home. For more information, contact Ztotchil Marquez:

Provider Disease Reporting may be accomplished by contacting your local health authority through the following methods.

Clark County

Washoe County

Carson City

Rural Counties

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