Methods for Conducting Blood Lead Level Tests in Children



Screening Via Capillary Test Or Traditional Venous Draw

Providers have the option of screening via capillary test or traditional venous draw. Capillary blood analysis may be completed using a CLIA waved in-office testing device, such as the Magellan LeadCare II device, and directly reporting the results to the local health authority. All capillary screening results must be reported to the local health authority, as required by NRS 441A. For help obtaining an in-office capillary blood lead testing device, contact the NvCLPPP at 702-895-1040.
Higher capillary test results necessitate the urgent need for venous test confirmation. Venous test results are required to access health authority services.


Capillary Test Confirmation Schedule

Capillary Blood Lead Level Confirm with Venous Test Within
5-9 µg/dL 3 months
10-44 µg/dL 1 month
45-59 µg/dL 48 hours
60-69 µg/dL 24 hours
70+ µg/dL Immediately as an emergency test

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